S2: EP2 - The Art of a Well-Placed 'No'

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Guests - Kait Klusewitz (she/her), Muralist/Artist | Caroline Lampinen (she/her), Artist

Bringing art to business and business to art, hosts Michelle Bond and Joan Kanner dive into a vibrant discussion on "Proofing Stage" with two extraordinary creatives. Kait Klusewitz and Caroline Lampinen join the episode to unpack the powerful intersection of creativity and social impact. Celebrated for their engagement with community and social movements—particularly their support for the Black Lives Matter initiative—they share how they've transitioned from “W2” jobs to self-employment and roles that fuse passion and talent with purpose and personal well-being.

The conversation spans the essential tactics for setting both personal and professional boundaries. From navigating client expectations to appropriately valuing their creative output, Kait and Caroline deliver actionable advice not just for artists but for any entrepreneur.

For anyone drawn to entrepreneurship, art, or social advocacy, this episode is a treasure trove of insights on handling the hurdles of small business ownership while using one’s craft to foster community and advocate for change. Tune in to hear Michelle, Joan, and their guests explore the art of running businesses that do more than just succeed—they make a significant impact.

Gems include:

  • Sometimes the $$$ just isn’t worth it
  • Setting boundaries for yourself, not just others
  • Having an art soulmate is (okay) everything
  • Burnout can mean your not charging enough
  • Developing a signature artistic style takes time
  • The power of leveraging your industry’s ecosystem
  • Resentment isn’t just a River in Egypt!


Connect with Kait Klusewitz:
Kait K Designs, She/Her

Connect with Caroline Lampinen,
Artist, Okay Everything, She/Her

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