S2: EP 1 - From False Urgencies to Force Multipliers

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“There is so much false urgency I have fallen prey to that I’ve learned about through this business. I don’t want to see other people making those mistakes, especially women,” says Joan Kanner on past challenges in business. Alongside co-host Michelle Bond, they kick off the second season of Proofing Stage. Likening the podcast to a business self-defense course, Michelle and Joan aim to equip female business owners with the necessary knowledge to fend off unexpected or unfair obstacles.

The duo shares their diverse backgrounds and their journey from career frustrations to creating their own ventures: a company driven by karma, a music app, and their crave-able concept, Bottoms Up Bagels (BUB). As they take stock of their first season, they reflect on their growth as queer female founders and the role of the podcast in offering business insights and enhancing their network. They discuss the expansive potential of podcasts and their mission as force multipliers—to be the mentors and coaches they didn’t have.

Today's episode sets the stage for what’s to come in Season 2 and acknowledges the great work of Season 1 producer and contributor, Amanda Schwarz. Michelle and Joan hint at a lineup of diverse guests for the new season and explore the concept of “proofing” across different fields.

Whether you are tuning in to build your business chops or just learn from real people with genuine stories Proofing Stage is set to rise to the occasion.

So, join Michelle and Joan as they:

  • Put the "omen" in women
  • Give a nod to their best teachers
  • Institute a crash course in defensive entrepreneurship
  • Preview upcoming guests and topics
  • Surprisingly hold back on their use of expletives
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