Episode 9: Points for Creativity

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We're celebrating the end of Season 1 with big slice of creativity, talking inspiration and intention with a generous sprinkling of strategy. After all, if you've started a business or dream of starting one, you've got that creative inside you. Whether it's thinking about a different way to design your venture altogether, or giving it just the right vibe or visual representation, your business and your brand is an extension of you. So, take some time to get it right and be PROUD of what you've created.

In this season finale the creative forces behind Proofing Stage discuss the unexpected approaches to some of Bottoms Up Bagels (BUB) menu items, events, commercials and antics. And, it's more than just a good time with: the purpose of cementing your brand, connecting with your customers and driving business. We zero in on finding the right professional creatives to materialize a vision, and how to develop working relationships that respect what each party brings to the table. In doing so, we share examples from our journey together on Proofing Stage this season, and what's to come.

Imbuing business with creativity isn't new.

But what do you do when it's all up to you?

  • Business title and item names are an obvious place.
  • Next up: merch design - hope your illustrator's an ace!
  • Marketing videos won't land if you don't have a clue
  • Of what you want, or who can deliver that to you.

So take heed, and do listen up
To this final episode of the season, Cheers! Bottoms Up!

Break this one up if you need to, but don't miss any of these hits that surely stick the landing.

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Theme music by Thorn Haze

Additional music by: AlisiaBeats (via Pixabay)

Artwork by Lisa Orye

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"Brand" Development:

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More BUB TV:

Michelle as Mary Tyler Moore [Roadshow promotional video]

Halitos - One Seed Makes Everything [Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos spoof]

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