Episode 8: Roadshow Part II- A Tale of Three Cities

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The level of difficulty is slowly intensifying for the BUB crew as they embark on new formats and increasingly longer Roadshow stops from 2021-2023. From overcoming obstacles like staffing shortages and supply chain shortfalls to equipment breakdowns, team injuries and illness, the gnarly bits of taking the bagel show on the road abound.

But, as Amanda and BUB's co-founders discuss, there are community connections and piles of scrumptious bagels, lox and sandwiches to make the trip(s) worthwhile. Episode 8 includes highlights from the likes of Cohoes, NY, Columbus, OH and Cedar Rapids, IA. Each with its own personality and flavor, these locations make the Roadshow an unmatched experience for Bottoms Up Bagels and communities alike.

As always, we're a learnin' and a sharin':

  • Don't let them see you sweat
  • Do follow through on your promises
  • Don't try lifting heavy equipment
  • Do honor peoples' loyalty
  • Don't use vendors you can't rely on
  • Do bring a film crew (whenever possible)
  • Don't eat salad from ______ restaurant in Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Do calibrate your production to meet demand
  • Don't underestimate what you've learned
  • Do be a respectful Away Team
  • Don't forget you're still the expert - no matter where you go
  • Do be thankful for the yeses (as much as the noes)
  • Don't miss out on local color
  • Do leave them wanting more

Theme music by Thorn Haze
Additional music by: VITOVI (via Pixabay)
Additional music by: saavane (via Pixabay)
Artwork by Lisa Orye

The BUB Roadshow video (BUB's version; 90 seconds)

The BUB Roadshow video (Lonely Planet's version featuring Iowa)


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Cohoes, NY

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Columbus, OH

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