Episode 7: Roadshow Part I-

Grow Where You're Planted, but First Go Where

You're Wanted

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Earlier in the pod we introduced the BUB Roadshow, Bottoms Up Bagels (BUB)'s way of busting the water myth and testing new markets for expansion. Part bagel pop up - part traveling circus - at its core, "The Roadshow" is about bringing good bagels to more people with local communities at its center.

Today, Joan, Amanda and Michelle pull back the curtain on the how, and the why (oh, why?!) of doing an insane thing on top of the already questionable thing of running a small business. Because when you know your customer is everywhere, you go find them.

In this, the first of two episodes about the Roadshow, we explore:

  • #Bozangeles
  • Why is there an "it's the water that makes a great bagel" myth? Who does that serve? What does it say about people who don't live in the NJ, NY, CT tri-state area?
  • We learn about pay-what-you-can restaurants - and serve breakfast and lunch out of one.
  • Michelle rises to the occasion of high altitude baking.
  • SPOILER ALERT: The decision to be the culinary "away team" doesn't suck.
  • SPOILER-ER ALERT: There's no hero's welcome when returning to Baltimore.
  • Hold up, is anyone else hankering for a Sailor's Club right now?

CW: Adult language


The BUB Roadshow (1 min., 30 seconds)