Episode 6: A Room of One's Own When You

Don't Own It

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Any small business involves risk, often calculated and sometimes underestimated. Still, the brands you love press on every day through countless obstacles and decisions, bringing a team and the desire to not skip a beat along for the ride.

But, what's behind your favorite place setting up shop, or shuttering its doors? This episode covers the ground from BUB Hub beta's build out and the team finally having a space of their own, through the end of the initial lease term - all against the backdrop of a global pandemic. We also remind you (and us) why this journey is worthwhile.

Hard-won victories, lessons learned and pro-tips abound, like:

  • In the world of commercial real estate, what's a vanilla shell?
  • Moreover, what's got Joan feeling like a cold dark shell?
  • Negotiating for graduated rent
  • We stop ourselves short from unpacking health department and building inspection processes
  • The eustress (not me-stress) of moving
  • How "coming soon" is a phrase that shouldn't be used lightly
  • Paying to build out a space you don't own
  • Amanda creates a colorful new expletive
  • Why property ownership makes sense for small businesses
  • "I"m a real estate startup, and I'm here to help... our investors!"
  • Treating people like crap when you think you're better than them
  • Green means go. Yellow means caution. Red (flags) mean nothing when you have no options.
  • Whoever dies with the most toys wins
  • When landlords gaslight you
  • "The Wire" helps us explain some things
  • Rewarding landbankers
  • Did someone say "conspiracy?"
  • Michelle's pitch for you to "like and subscribe"

CW: Adult language

BUB Hub before and after images:

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Theme music by Thorn Haze

Additional music by AlisiaBeats (via Pixabay)

Artwork by Lisa Orye

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