Episode 5: Placemaking in the Era of Ghost Kitchens

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It's 2019 and Bottoms Up Bagels (BUB) is feeling the pinch of increased overhead while working with a limited business model - relying on pop ups, catering and wholesale without everyday direct-to-customer sales opportunities. The wheels are set in motion though, and the dream of production meeting retail in BUB's first brick and mortar is on its way to being realized.

At this, our halfway point of Season 1, Amanda follows Joan and Michelle through the early stages of locating a space for the future home of their business, and digs into the balance between finding fertile ground, making space in your community for beautiful things to happen, and what it takes to even get to the starting line.

Episode 5 also breaks down some terms we've been tossing around:

  • Land Banking
  • BUB Roadshow
  • BUB Hub beta

We then get into the nitty gritty of:

  • Moving from a shared kitchen to a shop of our own
  • What it takes to find a space: the timeline is no joke
  • We answer the "Why Harwood?" question
  • ADA compliance and the importance of making spaces accessible
  • National Main Streets programs
  • Open production: theatrical yet transparent
  • How yesterday's bagels are simply not. a. thing.
  • Building the Proofing Stage community - we want to hear from you!

CW: Adult language

Early morning at the BUB Hub, Fall 2020

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Theme music by Thorn Haze

Artwork by Lisa Orye

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