Episode 4: The Myth of Meritocracy/Mentorship, Schmentorship

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What's that they say about hindsight? Sometimes we're fortunate to see red flags in real time. But, most times it takes a while. And, even then we can still be left wondering what happened. Or, whose version of events were "right." Then, throw in the question of intentions (known and unknown) and it's easy to give up on the prospect of ever really understanding the meaning of a given situation.

But here at Proofing Stage, we never give up. We're trying to put past business experiences into context and bring what learnings there are forward for us, and for you, dear listener.

This week we continue the conversation about systems by focusing on gatekeepers and "mentorship." What options are there for growth when you're just starting out, and does true collaboration really exist? We uncover who gets asked what kinds of questions (prevention over promotion, much?) and debate the merits of food halls as amenities that are the brain child of development companies versus viable stepping stones for budding business to launch into prime time.

Joan, Amanda and Michelle are a little punchy this week, and talkin':

  • Nepo babies
  • A Nepo baby who made a play for BUB's recipes
  • The woman guised as a mentor who enabled said nepo baby
  • Gatekeepers
  • Non-competes in commercial leases
  • NDAs, but like, the good kind
  • Does anyone have enough data to truly vote with their dollar?
  • Being told that you don't know what you do know

CW: Adult language

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