Episode 3: Shared Kitchen Confidential


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Ah, Anthony Bourdain, you are still deeply missed. What happens when the utopia of accessing commercial equipment, making your product with a bit more ease, and being around theoretically like-minds begins to fade?

Here, the everyday challenges of scaling a food business butt up against culture clashes and finding your voice. What's in any of our control? And what should you look for when relying on other, more powerful, entities to help you build your dream?

This double-wide episode gets down and dirty in the (shared) back of the house, while dishing out helpful hints for finding the right space to grow your business.

Today, we're serving up..

  • Different flavors of commercial kitchen spaces
  • How shared kitchens are a microcosm of larger systems
  • All-you-can-eat unsolicited advice
  • Food business permit/license sherpas, and how you don't need them
  • A light sprinkle of "fakers" vs "makers"
  • When fines aren't [fine]
  • A very special "Listener Take Note" moment
  • Taking price incentives to an extreme: always read the bill
  • The Pros, Cons, Bros and "C'mons" of sharing a kitchen #ultimateroommatescenario
  • Someone taking "broom-swept" to a whole 'nother level.
  • THE question: Did Bottoms Up Bagels (BUB) over-proof at the shared kitchen?
  • And, the main course... Michelle brings down the house with a #standandeliver moment about a #kingmaker
    - Heads up! This is required reading/listening for any female business owner

CW: Adult language and themes



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Shared Kitchen Confidential: Joan's Oct. 2019 Ignite presentation (6 mins., 23 sec.).

Theme music by Thorn Haze

Artwork by Lisa Orye

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