S2: EP 3 - Don't Say "DEI," Just Make it Mean Something

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Erin Stampp, she/her, MPP - Director, Professional Development
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

In this episode of Proofing Stage, hosts Michelle Bond and Joan Kanner are joined by DEI practitioner Erin Stampp. Together, they unpack the challenges and necessities of implementing effective DEI strategies, even for minority business owners.

Erin emphasizes that true diversity goes beyond visibility; focusing on fostering an inclusive culture where diverse identities are seen and valued. The conversation also covers practical aspects like dietary restrictions in food businesses and universal design. Michelle and Joan share their experiences with integrating these practices into Bottoms Up Bagels, including staff reticence and industry norms.

Erin highlights the importance of relational, equity-centered leadership, which involves creating a supportive environment through active listening and engagement. She addresses retention challenges and the truly counter-cultural work of inclusion and systemic change.

Join us for a very open conversation about our blind spots, power-sharing in leadership, and the self-compassion required to make it stick. Like:

  • Asking for, listening to and implementing input is where it’s at
  • How we can turn our exclamation points into question marks
  • Where the anti-racism, anti-sexism fairy dust resides
  • The trappings of cancel culture
  • Taking a sec to acknowledge what’s working and build on it
  • Big, sexy (self-) compliments go a long way


Check out one of Erin’s current projects, a Desegregation History Timeline (education aid to advance culture change)

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