S2: EP4 - Data, Integrity and the Sexiest Beast

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Guest - Sarah O'Leary (she/her), Founder and CEO of Mend Acupuncture
Imagine entering a dimly lit room. It's vast and yet you immediately feel tucked in. Soothing sounds swirl around you with a "whoosh, whoosh." You sit down in a dreamy recliner. After you settle in, you notice others quietly resetting their nervous systems. And just as you ask yourself "Could I be next to go on this journey?" you are approached by an open, capable and trendy practitioner. They speak first, offering both expertise and partnership delivered in a dulcet tone "What would you like to work on today?" Then, excited that the next words you offer will start you on the path to wellness you say...

"I gots the trots! Where can you stick me for that?" in the least discreet way possible.

And just like that, you wake up to the sound of your "Radial" iPhone alarm. Why?

Because it's after 6am and you know the latest episode of Proofing Stage comes out WITH NONE OTHER THAN SARAH O'LEARY! That's why!

For long-lasting effects, let Joan, Michelle and Sarah plant a seed or two on your earlobes with these here gems:

  • Sarah spills the (chaga) tea on all things community acupuncture
  • Our verbal cupping will suck out any desire for "move fast and break things" growth
  • Joan argues for adding a "Sexy is..." sentence completion segment to the pod
  • We dispense indispensable advice for young people entering the work world
  • If you smell what Michelle is cooking... it's #integrity
  • And, when taken regularly (and seriously) data decreases your risk of making bad business decisions

Now peep that through your #windowpoints, son!


More on Mend Acupuncture:
Website: https://mendacupuncture.com/

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