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In what would become the waning days of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes last September, Bottoms Up Bagels (BUB) trekked up to New York City to spread some bagel love, and rounded out their BUB Roadshow engaging with those on the picket line. Among them was Avis Boone, actor, model, voice actor, photographer and content creator.

Avis produces the That's How We Role podcast, where she talks with women making an impact as entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, artists, actors, entertainment industry professionals, advocates, solopreneurs about their businesses and careers. Especially, their motivation and inspiration all while serving as role models and mentors for those wanting to create their own path in their career journey.

During Women's History Month Avis sat down with Michelle and Joan to discuss starting BUB and their transition to Proofing Stage. We're sharing it with you during this summer break and look forward to being back with you next on 7/17 for S2: EP6 of Proofing Stage.

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